Derrick Fox, Dip. HHP

Derrick Fox, Dip. HHP

Phone: 1-740-434-332


Have you started your own business and what is it?

I am currently working towards obtaining a Diploma in Holistic Health Care Practices. My goal is to become a clinical psychologist, and incorporate integrative modalities to my practice. The skills that I have gain at ACHS will give me the confidence to do so.

What are three things you would tell prospective students?

I would tell prospective students that this is not only a college, but it is a family. The ACHS faculty genuinely cares about each students success.

Professors at ACHS are highly educated, and have personal experience in the courses that they teach.

At ACHS, you will also experience hands-on training with the lab materials provided by the Apothecary Shoppe.

What are your three best tips for current ACHS students?

Always strive to do your best, but don’t become over consume with perfection.

Just like any relationship, it is important to keep an open line of communication with your instructors about any questions or concerns.

Do not take constructive criticism as a personal attack. It is meant to promote academic growth.