Gwenn Marinwood, MH Graduate

Gwenn Marinwood, MH Graduate, ACHS Ambassador

Phone: 541-217-5385


My name is Gwenn Marinwood and I am the founder of “5 Seasons Solutions” wellness consulting. Wellness consulting is really exciting for me because I am able to combine my passion for herbal medicine with my love of nurturing others. While I was working full-time as a teacher and raising two children, I earned a basic herbalist degree from a well-respected but unaccredited program. The hands-on experiences made it enjoyable to use herbs for simple personal health issues. I was very satisfied using my knowledge to help family and friends. When my teaching career became just a job, I decided to make my passion for herbal medicine my new career.

I returned to College in 2008, selecting ACHS for my studies. With ACHS, I would have the level of professional training to succeed. Since I continued to work full-time for a while, it took two and a half years for me to complete the Diploma in Herbal Studies / Master Herbalist (MH) program. Being new to online classes, I was especially pleased with the quality of materials, technical supports, and collaborative opportunities. The CAM business course was particularly helpful. My original goal was to work for an established wellness center. The economy at the time was not supportive. From that experience, I realized that establishing my own business using all the modes I practice plus my ACHS training was a unique opportunity. My consultations may include healing modes such as herbal formulas, aromatherapy, sound healing, collage work and stress-management techniques. Growing “5Seasons Solutions” is an adventure in creative problem solving. The many ways of using herbal remedies, aromatherapy and other health modalities keep me learning and enjoying my chosen career. It is deeply satisfying to know I am nurturing myself and others in a health-wise way.