Heather Lanham, MH Graduate

Heather Lanham, MH Graduate, ACHS Ambassador

In 2007 I opened my herb business after a few years of self study. It didn’t take long for me to realize just how far in over my head I really was. I had no problems running the business itself. My problem was the questions my customers were asking; I kept having to go look it up. Which made me look less professional. I worked my way through the Diploma of Master Herbalist program while running my shop. It helped me tremendously with being more professional and with expanding my product line which in turn expanded my customer base.

I use my training every time I put together another tea, tincture, salve, or any other herbal creation I may come up with. I am a small business owner, I create teas, salves and whatever else I dream up to sell. My teas are tasty, healthy, high quality, and often medicinal. My business has had to be flexible, as my family and I roamed the country for an extended period of time. Even though my business was born in an old brick building it has been mobile for some time now; which is a challenge! I manage sales online mostly, with a few local clients when I stay somewhere for a time.