Linda Toomey

Linda Toomey, AAS.Aroma., Dip.Aroma., HHP, Cert.Aroma., CHRM, CIC, CWC, Honors, ACHS Ambassador

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In pursuit of education, we also enrich the lives of the people around us. The decision to achieve my AAS CAM – Aromatherapy Specialization degree came as a natural outgrowth from my career as a licensed massage therapist. With years of experience in this profession since 1999, I have witnessed the growth of holistic healthcare. 

Eventually, a time came when I decided to evolve my capacity as a holistic practitioner with the goal to practice as a Holistic Wellness Consultant and Educator. 

Through the education and experience achieved at ACHS, I am further enabled to make a difference in my profession, as well as in my local community and abroad. 

Among the highlights of my career was traveling for professional studies in both Thailand and China. With three trips to Thailand for studies, I also participated in a humanitarian endeavor that involved the Akha hills tribe people that are located at the border of Thailand and Burma. It was a delight to support the women and young girls of the village. 

In Beijing, China, I had the opportunity to study acupressure and Tuina massage for sports maintenance and injury at the Chinese National Olympic Sports Medicine Hospital. One day, I hope to return to Asia for further humanitarian endeavors. 

Optimal wellness, pain management, stress reduction, and quality client care have been the focus of my holistic practice. Under the “umbrella” of Holistic Health Practice, I will now have the tools of wellness consultation, therapeutic massage, aromatherapy, herbalism, iridology, and nutrition to offer for the care of my clients, thus, making a difference in their quality of life. I am grateful to ACHS for enabling me to reach my goals — life is good!

What are three things you would tell prospective students?

  1. What is your passion? What are you willing to do to accomplish your dreams? ACHS will support you in the journey to achieve your goals.
  2. Education is a major asset when it comes to professional development and qualifications. Building a career that includes education establishes credibility as a practitioner with the general public and other healthcare professionals. Studies at ACHS will build a firm foundation in holistic healthcare.
  3. Developing additional therapeutic skills expands the possibilities for holistic services that can be offered to clients. In addition, learning effective communication skills will enhance your ability to convey your message to the public. ACHS offers studies in a variety of holistic therapies, as well as communication and business courses aimed for success.

What are your three best tips for current ACHS students?

  1. Time management is vital for success! Establishing priorities and organizing each day and week will help you to stay on track with college studies. Make sure to schedule fun time as well.
  2. Stay connected with other people, such as friends, family, fellow students, and ACHS instructors. Never become isolated; always know that you are not alone.
  3. Always keep your passion in view, as this will be your strength through it all — never let it go.

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