Renee Hunt, MSHN

Renee Hunt, MSHN, ACHS Ambassador

Phone: 303-775-7480 Email: [email protected]

I’ve always been fascinated by the healing powers of food and have experienced first hand the sense of empowerment that’s possible when you take your health into your own hands. This feeling of self-awareness and agency was something I wanted to help other people experience, which is why I sought out ACHS. I graduated with a Master’s of Science in Holistic Nutrition from ACHS in January of 2016. While I was completing my degree, I started a successful blog, and since graduation, I’ve written nutrition articles for several publications, done freelance recipe development and photography, have become an expert in digital marketing strategy for health and wellness companies (always learning!), and I landed a job working for one of the top functional nutritionists in the country. I’m now working towards becoming a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist through the National Association of Nutrition Professionals.

What are three things you would tell prospective students?

  1. Online learning is amazing! The flexibility you get at ACHS is truly wonderful but I do suggest you schedule out your study time.
  2. Don’t expect it to be easy because it’s online. There’s a lot of depth to the ACHS courses and you’ll have to get comfortable with writing research papers while trying to grasp complex scientific concepts.
  3. The faculty and staff at ACHS really care about their students and they want to see you succeed. Classes are smaller so you can easily get one-on-one help.

What are your three best tips for current ACHS students?

  1. Lean-in to your passion! And know your “why.” You’re here at ACHS because you’re passionate about the topic, right? When things get hard and you’re trying to juggle your studies and other life commitments, remember why you’re doing this. Then, imagine what you can do with all the awesome stuff you’re learning!
  2. Be curious. Sure memorizing anatomy diagrams may seem like a drag but if you approach it from a place of curiosity and fascination, you’ll not only remember the material better, you’ll also find it more enjoyable. Then, tell others about what you’re learning, with enthusiasm! 
  3. Determine your best learning style. Are you more autonomous or do you prefer to have a study buddy? If you like to fly solo, make sure you’re able to block out time and remove all distractions. Hunker down and get after it! If you learn better in groups, reach out to your classmates and schedule a weekly call where you talk through the material and quiz each other.