Robin Garmise, CHNC Student

Robin Garmise, CHNC Student, ACHS Ambassador

Phone: 973-557-3125 Email:

I enrolled in ACHS as a result of my passion for nutrition and holistic health (especially digestive health). I believe this lifestyle is the key to overall wellness. My mission is to help people achieve wellness by empowering them to make sustainable changes in their lives.

I will be graduating in May 2016, from the Certificate in Holistic Nutrition Consulting program. 

I am planning on starting my own consulting business, Holistic Nutrition for Life LLC. I hope to have my website up shortly. In the meantime, I have been working with my family and friends by providing them with healthy lifestyle goals that fit their individual needs.

What are three things you would tell prospective students?

  1. Make sure online education and your program are the right fit for you.
  2. Do your research—don’t only make the case that you’re great, make the case that you’re a great match great for ACHS. 
  3. Be authentic to what your real passions and interests are.

What are your three best tips for current ACHS students?

  1. Engage often in the online classroom with your classmates and instructors.
  2. Gain knowledge and have the best possible learning experience. 
  3. Set yourself up for success by committing to a weekly schedule for assignments and study time.