Shari Yetto

Shari Yetto, ACHS Ambassador

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My name is Shari B. Yetto. I am married and am raising three children. I am currently enrolled in ACHS Certificate in Natural Products Manufacturing course. I will graduate in April 2018. I will be starting the Diploma In Holistic Health Practice in May 2018. I have owned my own retail business with herbs, essential oils, stones and crystals, and more since 2001. I make all natural soaps and other skin and body care products. I am applying my current studies in bettering my products from learning more about the herbs and essential oils that I use. My future course will add a new way to help my customers and clients become healthier in their lives. I run four businesses, homeschool my three children, and go to college. I love helping people have happier and healthier lives and achieving their dreams.

What are three things you would tell prospective students?

  1. Decide what you want to do and choose the right course for that dream.
  2. Don’t ever extend yourself. Take the number of classes that you can comfortably fit into your schedule so that you can succeed and not be overwhelmed. Communicate with your ACHS Advisor about your needs.
  3. Have confidence in yourself and have a good support system. You want those around you to understand when you need study and test time and to give you that time, space, and encouragement.

What are your three best tips for current ACHS students?

  1. Don’t wait until the last minute to complete your assignments. Try to get them completed early in the week then you are free to do other things.
  2. If you have extra time, work ahead. It helps in case of illness or emergencies and will keep you from feeling overwhelmed and getting behind.
  3. Make learning fun. You chose to go to college and to learn, so enjoy it. If you find that you have a problem or the course is not right for you, don’t just give up. Talk with your ACHS Advisor and see what your options are. You can also talk with others and get encouragement. Sometimes that is all that we need is that voice that says, “You got this!”