ACHS Dean's List

About the Dean's List

At ACHS, we love celebrating the hard work and dedication of our students! The ACHS Dean’s List is just one way we share just how proud and inspired we are by the outstanding academic achievement and commitment of our students. 

Making the Dean's List

At the end of each semester, students who have earned a 4.0 GPA for the semester will be honored with the distinction of being listed on the Dean’s List. 

Students who receive “I” (Incomplete) grades during the semester are not eligible for the Dean’s List. 

The Dean’s List is determined based on GPA calculated from final grades as of the last day of the semester. GPA and Dean’s List eligibility are not re-calculated based on grade changes or the removal of incomplete grades. 

The ACHS Dean’s List is announced within 2-4 weeks after the end of each semester. The Dean’s List may be published on the ACHS website, shared via email, and posted to social media. 

ACHS will not publish the names of students who have opted out of the release of directory information. If you have opted out of the release of your information, you will be notified of the Dean’s List, however, your name will not be published.

If you have questions about the Dean’s List or would like to change your student preferences regarding your directory information, please contact the Registrar’s Office at or call (800) 487-8839. 

Share Your Achievement with Your ACHS Dean's List Badge!

When the Dean's list is announced each semester, recipients will receive their verified badge to share on LinkedIn and other social media, add to a resume or CV, or add to your email signature. Celebrate your success by sharing your Dean's list badge!