ACHS Student Apps


American College of Healthcare Sciences has partnered with Google Apps to provide free, unrivaled web apps to our students.  To get started, contact Student Services at if you haven't yet received your ACHS email account information.

>> Log in to your ACHS email account and ACHS apps online here.

The Advantages of using your student email account:

Never delete an email again. 

With nearly unlimited email storage and an ability to instantly search your archive, you’ll never need to delete another email again.  Your student email account is powered by gmail, and offers all the latest features you’d expect from the world’s largest and most innovative email provider.  Never lose touch.

Never lose a document again.

Whenever you start working on a document (or email), a draft will automatically be saved every few moments.  No more losing work to a power-outage or a computer crash.  And, in case you accidentally save over something important you can easily recover changes from an older version.  Work with confidence.

Wherever you are, there we are.

There’s no longer any need to carry your files with you on a storage device.  If you can access the internet, you can access your documents.  Never forget another document.

Collaborate, naturally.

Working on a group project?  Want editorial advice from a friend?  Invite them to collaborate on your document in real-time.  You can easily track who has contributed which changes.

Multiple formats.

Ever try to send a Word document to someone who only uses Wordperfect?  Or a Keynote presentation to someone who only uses Powerpoint?  With Google Documents you can import and export in multiple open formats.  Ensure that classmates, instructors, and clients have perfect access.

Student discounts.

With your new .edu email address, you’ll be eligible for countless academic discounts.  Students typically receive huge savings on software products from companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Adobe. Want to learn more about potential student discounts? Click here.


At ACHS we're constantly looking for ways to help students. One thing many students have told us they struggle with is writing. So, we've partnered with Grammarly to provide an awesome, premium writing service for students. In order to activate your account, you'll need to use your email account.

What is Grammarly, you ask? Take a quick look at this video:

How to Activate Your Grammarly Account

  1. Visit
  2. Type your name
  3. Enter your student email address
  4. Choose a password
  5. Click signup
  6. Login to your gmail account
  7. Open the email from Grammarly
  8. Click the red “Verify email” button

If you need more detailed instructions to get started, take a look at this instructional PDF.