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ACHS is committed to giving back to the communities it serves. ACHS provides staff with considerable flexibility in scheduling work hours and time off to provide for volunteerism. Check out these great examples of community and global volunteerism from ACHS team members:

Dorene Petersen, ACHS Founding President

In 2016, Dorene traveled to Nepal as a volunteer with USAID and Winrock International’s Farmer-to-Farmer program. The Farmer-to-Farmer Program promotes sustainable economic growth, food security, and agricultural development.  While there, she helped train farmers and forest workers in efficient essential oil processing, essential oil quality, and how to strategically market herbs and essential oils worldwide.

Petersen has also established the “Soil to Oil Initiative,” which donates 2% of all essential oil sales from the ACHS Apothecary Shoppe to support global sustainability education initiatives in botanical production.

ACHS and SW Hope Annual Food Drive and Walkathon for Neighborhood House

ACHS Founding President, Dorene Petersen, annually supports efforts to end homelessness and hunger. ACHS supports causes that lift and empower individuals to be self-sufficient and successful. Each year, ACHS supports this annual food drive that supports a food security program at Neighborhood House, a local charity dedicated to providing small supports to help people to stay in their homes and have access to basic services. A small amount of food or a small grant to pay for heat in the winter can make a big difference to our senior citizens, single-parent households and those impacted by sudden rent increases. ACHS staff and faculty donate food, cash or log walking miles that the college matches a dollar per mile. This year-Team ACHS walked almost 700 miles for charity. Team ACHS total food value of 2017 donation = 3400 lbs food (last year 2700 lb).

Kerrie Seeber, Production Lead

In September 2016, Kerrie and her husband launched Portland, Oregon’s newest Little Free Library, located in the Montavilla neighborhood.  Little Free Libraries encourage children (and adults), to take a book, and leave a book, to inspire a love of reading.  Follow them at: Starry Eyed Books Little Free Library #43259 on Facebook.  Basic premise: Take a book when you’d like, leave a book when you can!

Fact: During the first six months we have been open, 320 books (adult, YA, and kids) have been borrowed from our library! ,” says Kerrie, “We are open during the day, every day, and offer a wide variety of titles appealing to a wide array of interests. Our books are always free! Some of our best movers are board books/early readers, books for grade school kids, cookbooks, adult non-fiction, adult current fiction, and – of course – our reading buddies! (Little stuffed friends who drop by and ask to be taken home by a little reader and read to…) We always gladly accept donations. :)”

Congratulations to Stephanie North, Director of Financial Aid

On April 20th, 2017, Stephanie North was nominated as an Executive Board Member for the Oregon Association of Veteran School Certifying Officials (ORAVSCO). Stephanie joined ACHS on October 26, 2012 and has been a Veteran’s Certifying Official with the college. She came to ACHS with six years’ experience as a Veterans Education Specialist.

ORAVSCO is committed to serving the interests and needs of our Veterans by establishing an association of members who facilitate Veteran educational needs. ORAVSCO is governed by four Executive Officers and 5 Executive Board members. Stephanie shall serve a two -year volunteer term with the option to run for a consecutive term.

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