Refund Policy

The ACHS Refund Policy

If you are a resident of California, please click here to view the refund policy for California students, which is mandated by California regulations.

We work hard to provide excellence in education for all our students. However, if your circumstances change and you decide ACHS is not for you, the following refund policy applies. You may cancel or withdraw in any manner. Requests to withdraw should be sent to Student Services via email to; phone or fax to 800.487.8839; or mail to ACHS, 5005 S. Macadam Ave, Portland, OR 97239. 

Refunds are based on the date the request is received at ACHS or the postmarked date if mailed, not the last date of attendance. The College will make any refund due within 30 calendar days from this date. Withdrawal or cancellation as a result of disciplinary or other administrative action does not change the refund process; you may receive a refund or owe a balance.

Right to Cancel

A student has five (5) calendar days after signing an enrollment agreement or similar contractual document to cancel enrollment and receive a full refund of all monies paid to the institution. Materials are not shipped until the expiration of these five days. If a student withdraws after five days, the following refund policy applies. 

If the student enrolls in a Program (Certificate, Diploma, or Degree), each course is treated separately for the purposes of calculating any refund to the student. No student is obligated for tuition charged for a term that has not commenced when the student withdraws. 

Refund Policy

If you are using federal student loans, a private student loan, or other third party funding, it is your responsibility to repay financial obligations if applicable. Some financial institutions require that refunds be paid back directly to the institution or organization in the event of a refund. Refund rates are not differentiated based on funding except as otherwise required by law.

Refunds are based on unused instructional time and are prorated on a weekly basis.

  • If you withdraw before class starts, you are entitled to a refund of 100% of tuition, but the registration fee and any consumed fees (such as shipping charges) are not refundable.
  • If you withdraw from a course after classes begin for a semester, you are eligible for a prorated refund through the middle week of the term.

Prorated Tuition Charges

For a 15-week semester:

If you withdraw:Amount Refunded:

Before the start of the semester

100% of tuition

During week 1 of the semester

94% of tuition

During week 2 of the semester

87% of tuition

During week 3 of the semester

80% of tuition

During week 4 of the semester

73% of tuition

During week 5 of the semester

67% of tuition

During week 6 of the semester

60% of tuition

During week 7 of the semester

53% of tuition

During week 8 of the semester

47% of tuition

During weeks 9*-15 of the semester

No refund.

*Please note ACHS has a policy that returns any unearned tuition assistance (TA) funds on a proportional basis through at least the 60 percent portion of the period for which the funds were provided to the military Service Branch. The schedule for the return of unearned TA funds to the government for a 15-week semester consisting of 105 instructional days continues into week 9 for days 59-63 at a rate of 40%. 

Sample Tuition Refund Calculation:*

Charges to Student:

ACHS Institutional ChargeAmount
New Student Registration Fee$200
Tuition (3-credit undergraduate course @360)$1,116

Total Tuition & Registration Fee Charged:


Refund calculation based on withdrawal during Week 3 from the AROMA 101, 15-week course:

ACHS Institutional ChargeAmount Refunded to the Student
New Student Registration Fee$0
Tuition (3-credit undergraduate course)

$1,116 x .80 (80%)

= $892.80

Eligible Refund:


For a 7.5 Week Semester:

If you withdraw:Amount Refunded
Before the start of the semester100% of tuition
During week 1 of the semester88% tuition
During week 2 of the semester75% of tuition
During week 3 of the semester63% of tuition
During week 4 of the semester50% of tuition
During weeks 5**-7.5 of the semesterNo refund

**Please note the schedule for the return of unearned TA funds to the government for a 15-week semester consisting of 105 instructional days continues into week 5 for days 31-32 at a rate of 40%. 

ACHS Institutional ChargeAmount Refunded to the Student
New Student Registration Fee $0
Tuition (3-credit undergraduate course) [2]

 $1,116 x .63 (63%)

= $703.80

Eligible Refund: 


Non-Refundable Consumed Fees

Online Library, Materials, & Resources Fee

This fee provides access to an extensive virtual library including subscription library databases; your mobile-friendly, interactive online classroom including course videos, interactive tutorials and audio resources; interactive support tools; and the ACHS Student Center. No refunds are available after access to the online classroom opens for the semester. Learn more about this fee online here.

Course Packs, Textbooks, & Shipping Charges

ACHS offers a 14-day return satisfaction guarantee for materials. Materials should be unopened and in reusable condition. Shipping is not subject to refund. The College is not responsible for damaged or lost study materials. The ACHS eTextbook fee is non-refundable after the online course opens.

Graduation Fee

Upon completion of all program requirements, students are eligible to apply for graduation. The standard graduation fee is $50 per Certificate, Diploma, or Degree graduation application. Students may apply for graduation from more than one program to earn additional credentials.

Return of Title IV Policy

A student receiving federal (Title IV) financial aid who withdraws is subject to “Return to Title IV” provisions. Federal statutes require ACHS to recalculate eligibility for any student who completely withdraws during any term or payment period if the student received or was eligible to receive Title IV funds in that period.

ACHS uses a prorated calculation provided by the Department of Education, referred to as an R2T4, to determine the percentage of aid earned and recalculate eligibility for Title IV funds. This is based on the number of days elapsed when the student withdraws or is withdrawn by the institution divided by the number of days in the semester.

If a student earned less aid than was disbursed, ACHS will return a portion of the funds and the student is required to return a portion of the funds. When Title IV funds are returned, the student may owe a balance to ACHS. Students are responsible for payment of any remaining balance whether or not they are readmitted to the school. The percentage of federal financial aid determined to be unearned for the payment period must be returned to the appropriate federal financial aid program(s).

If a student earns more aid than was disbursed to him or her, ACHS will reimburse the student a post-withdrawal disbursement that will be paid within 120 days of the date that ACHS determined that the student withdrew.

Refunds are allocated in the following order:

  • Unsubsidized Federal Direct Loan
  • Subsidized Federal Direct Loan
  • Federal Parent (PLUS) Loan
  • Federal Pell Grant
  • Federal Supplemental Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)
  • Other Title IV assistance
  • Other state, private, and institutional aid 

Travel Programs (Study Abroad)

Your deposit must be paid to secure your accommodations. The balance of your fee is due eight weeks before the first day of class. A 100% refund is offered if you withdraw in writing within five days of enrollment. If you withdraw eight weeks or more before the first day of class, your deposit is refundable. If you withdraw within eight weeks of the first day of class, no refund is available. We require all students to obtain travel insurance prior to departure to cover travel expenses as well as medical expenses while on the study tour.


*All examples based on 2021-2022 tuition rates.


Last updated 8/30/21

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