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ACHS is committed to your success and here to provide resources, coaching, and professional development opportunities to help you build your professional network and put your studies into practice.

Our Mission

The ACHS Alumni & Career Services Department is dedicated to collaborating with students and all departments across ACHS to provide expertise in career exploration and planning, goal-setting, and cultivating connections and experiences to support professional success. 

Our mission is to encourage and support students to blend the knowledge and skills acquired in their programs with our career coaching to find employment in a field or position that fully encompasses their values, education, and abilities.

About Our Graduates​

ACHS graduates are passionate about health and wellness and having a positive impact on the communities they serve by improving their personal health and wellness, supporting family and friends, and making a difference as holistic health practitioners and educators around the world.

ACHS works to ensure curriculum is aligned to prepare graduates with essential skills for achieving their professional goals. Research done by QA Commons ( identified 8 Essential Employability Qualities (EEQs) to be universally needed across different careers and jobs to drive employment success. These EEQs inform curriculum development at ACHS. Learn more about the EEQs online here.

Learn more about Alumni Success based on our latest alumni survey online here.

ACHS holistic health alumni are active across the integrative health and wellness industry and love to share their story! 

Each year, ACHS recognizes a Famous Alumni and Outstanding Graduate to represent the College as part of the Distance Education Accrediting Commission Outstanding Graduate program. Learn more about our Famous Alumni and Outstanding Graduates.

Our graduates are as diverse as the work they do in the industry. What they all have in common is a passion for helping others. Many graduates start their journey with ACHS through their own personal experiences with holistic health and want to give back to help others achieve wellness. Get inspired by our Alumni in Action. Read more online here.

2023 DEAC FA Dr Janet Carter

Dr. Janet Carter,
2023 DEAC Famous Alumni Award Recipient

Graduates serve communities in roles including holistic health practitioners, educators, corporate wellness consultants, spa professionals, product formulators, aromatherapists, herbalists, and more! 

If you’re just getting started with your health and wellness education, or need some top tips to keep up your momentum in class, ACHS Ambassadors are here to support you! As ACHS holistic health College alumni, our Alumni in Action are a great resource. Ask them about their experience studying with ACHS, being successful as an online student, and how they’re using studies now. Read more online here.

How Can We Help?

ACHS provides a wide range of services to support students’ professional goals, including: 

  • Discuss career goals.
  • Provide resources for job boards, effective job searches, and networking opportunities.
  • Resources for students to build soft and hard skills, identify strengths/weaknesses, and build confidence.
  • Provides interview resources, support, and mock interviews.
  • Review resumes, cover letters, and business plans.

Students often ask, when should I meet with alumni and career services? We recommend connecting right when you enroll to start creating action steps toward developing or refining your goals, building your portfolio while in school, and making connections that support your goals.

Meet the Director of Alumni & Career Services

Felicia Royce, BS, MS, LMT
"It is incredibly rewarding to support ACHS students and graduates to meet their professional goals. Students spend thousands of hours studying and learning their craft in the holistic health field; it is my goal to help transfer that education and experience into a fulfilling career."

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