Making Your Own Incense Cones

making an incense cone

Creating your own Incense Cones or Incense Sticks is easy, fun, and also makes great gifts! This blog post was written by Robert Seidel, and reposted with permission from The Essential Oil Company. What do you need for making Incense Cones? – Blank incense cones or incense sticks – Essential oil, fragrance or blend of […]

DEAC Awards 2022: Michael Ford is our Outstanding Graduate!

michael ford deac outstanding graduate

Michael Ford is a graduate of several certificate and diploma programs, as well as, our Associate of Applied Science in Complementary Alternative Medicine, Master of Science in Herbal Medicine, Master of Science in Aromatherapy and Master of Science in Integrative Health Sciences. Herbal medicine was his first step into the world of holistic health in […]

ACHS Graduation 2022: A time for reflection, celebration and inspiration!

achs graduation 2022

With Commencement Ceremony just around the corner, and the pandemic still lingering, how do you plan on celebrating your graduation? Will you be walking across the stage this year or joining your ceremony virtually? Even if your institution has chosen not to have an in-person ceremony this year, there are still lots of ways for […]

DEAC Awards 2022: Our Famous Alumni is Farante Ager!

Farante Ager is a graduate of our Graduate Certificate in Complementary Alternative Medicine, Graduate Certificate in Wellness Consulting, Graduate Certificate in Holistic Nutrition, and Master of Science in Health and Wellness. She initially became interested in integrative health when exploring organic and fresh foods. Where Farante lives, organic and fresh food options are limited, and […]

Discovering Holistic Health with Jennifer Langsdale

Jennifer Langsdale has been a wellness advocate, practitioner, and yoga instructor for the past twenty years. She is a graduate of the Master of Science in Aromatherapy at ACHS and since the completion of her program, she has opened two yoga studios, Wild Nurturer, in her community and created her own yoga therapy – Inner […]

ACHS Founder’s Scholarship Recipient: Digambar Prasad Chaudhary

Digambar Prasad Chaudhary graduated from with the Graduate Certificate in Aromatherapy in 2021. Living in Nepal, he began his journey with essential oils 15 years earlier as he became aware of the “many oils in his country” At that time, he worked for Non-Government Organization’s (NGO’s) and International Non-Government Organization’s (INGO’s) development programs. In […]

Exploring Aromatic Love Potions on Valentine’s Day


Are you planning on indulging in self-care, celebrating love with your special love, or your family and friends, this Valentine’s Day? If yes then plan to luxuriate in sensual essential oils and harmonious herbs. It is a great time to boost your home apothecary. We have curated an alchemical love collection of herbs and oils […]

Alumni Highlight – Kristyn Cook of Sacred Oak Apothecary


Kristyn Cook is a Master of Science in Herbal Medicine graduate who took the initiative to open her apothecary, Sacred Oak Apothecary LLC, in 2021. She started with local farmer’s markets to introduce her products and now has a thriving presence online, working with Naturopathic Doctors and supporting herbal businesses across the nation. Discovering Holistic […]

Regaining Smell After COVID: Promising Research From Essential Oils

Image of essential oil bottles with plant in each bottle

Regaining smell after COVID has become a global topic of conversation after many people have experienced temporary anosmia (loss of smell) due to COVID-19 infection. Post viral loss or impairment of the sense of smell is not new, however, and is also referred to as Postviral Olfactory Dysfunction. While we may often take our sense […]

Cheers to the New Year: Celebrating All We Achieved Together in 2021


Here we go into the new year! First, take a moment to reflect on the knowledge and experience you’ve gained this year and the challenges you’ve triumphed over. Together, we shared remarkable moments of resilience, fortitude, and joy across our global community. These are just a few highlights of the achievements we’re most proud of […]

Superbug in Oregon? What Essential Oil Research Tells Us

picture of cells with bio warning sign

A news report is out today, December 29. 2021 that identifies the arrival of the first three cases of the “superbug” drug-resistant Candida auris in Oregon.[1] This alarming news sparks an urgent need to research powerful plant sourced alternatives.[2] A less well-known Australian essential oil known as Buddha Wood oil Eremophila mitchellii (Benth.) may provide […]

Green Juice, Exercise and Mental Decline?

Green Juice, Exercise and Mental Decline

By ACHS Student Morgan Smith You’re active, exercise daily, eat healthy whole foods, the occasional green juice, and limited processed foods, but you still feel lost, unsure, sad, or unmotivated? You’re physically healthy, but your mental being requires some reassurance, some attention, and care. Deepak Chopra believes that each of us can “find the place […]