Book Advance Request

Please Note:

A book advance is a portion of your awarded financial aid that is advanced to you to purchase your books. Book advances are not free and they are NOT additional financial aid.   

In order to opt-in to the Book Advance stipend, please complete the Book Advance Request Form. By not submitting the Book Advance Request form, you are voluntarily opting out of this program.

By providing my electronic signature, I acknowledge: These funds are being provided me to in advance of my financial aid disbursement and are issued for the purpose of purchasing books applicable to the upcoming semester. If I do not establish attendance in my course(s) in the first 14 days of the semester, I will not be eligible for my financial aid funds and will be responsible for repaying these funds, in full and immediately. If there is any reduction in the amount of my financial aid awards (as a result of withdrawal, change in financial aid eligibility, or other circumstances), I am held fully liable to repay any amount that has been advanced to me.