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Capstone for Dual Majors

The ACHS capstone project represents a culmination of a student’s academic work and experience with ACHS. The purpose of a capstone project is multi-faceted: to demonstrate mastery of a particular subject, to demonstrate achievement of program learning outcomes, and to enhance a student’s professional portfolio. During the capstone course, students design their own capstone projects and draw from all facets of their education. Due to the highly specialized nature of a capstone project, students pursuing two master’s degrees with ACHS will typically be required to complete two distinct capstone projects. In some cases, a student may petition the Academic Standards Committee to complete one capstone project that meets the requirements for two master’s degrees.

The following parameters must be met in order to qualify for review by the Committee:

  • The student must be enrolled in two master’s degrees concurrently
  • The capstone project must align with the learning outcomes of both programs

Students who wish to petition the Academic Standards Committee to complete one capstone project that satisfies requirements for two master’s degrees must:

  • Submit a request in writing describing how the proposed capstone project meets the learning outcomes of both programs (Petition online here)
  • Must submit the request at least four weeks prior to starting the capstone course

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