CLEP Exams

College Level Exam Program (CLEP) Exams

College Level Exam Program Exams

The College Level Exam Program (CLEP) includes nationally normed examinations. CLEP offers subject matter examinations and general examinations.

Eligibility for CLEP

CLEP subject or general examinations may be taken by students applying for undergraduate study. If an individual passes a CLEP examination, ACHS accepts the amount of credit indicated in the table below. If you do not see your exam listed, please contact the ACHS Registrar’s Office at (800) 487-8839 for more information. To be eligible for transfer of credit, the student must be granted admission if a new applicant or already enrolled in ACHS courses.

Earning Credits with CLEP

Students who have taken CLEP examinations and passed with scores at or above the minimum accepted by ACHS may be eligible transfer this credit to ACHS provided the institution has approved the examinations for credit as detailed below, and the student is able to provide an official CLEP transcript.

Students may request an official CLEP transcript be sent to the ACHS Registrar’s Office. Transcripts can be obtained by downloading the transcript request form online here.

Official CLEP transcripts should be sent to the following address or emailed to

Registrar’s Office
5005 S. Macadam Avenue
Portland, OR 97239


Where to Apply for CLEP Exams

ACHS does not offer CLEP testing on-campus. Students should contact for information about testing center locations, registration and test taking.

Fees for CLEP exams are set by the national Educational Testing Services and are subject to change. All exams are computerized. 

CLEP Examinations Approved at ACHS

College Composition – 6 credits

3 credits for ENG 101
Passing score: 50


History of the United States I – 3 credits

3 credits for HIST 201
Passing score: 50


Introductory Sociology – 3 credits

3 credits for SOC 101
Passing score: 50


College Math – 3 credits

3 credits for MTH 101
Passing score: 50


College Algebra – 3 credits

3 credits for MTH 201
Passing score 50


Principles of Marketing – 3 credits

3 credits for BUS 390
Passing score: 50  *Review by Business Dean for acceptance


Biology – 6 credits

3 credits for BIO 111
Passing score 50


Chemistry – 6 credits

3 credits for CHEM 120
Passing score: 50

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