Financial Planning for Wellness Entrepreneurs

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Join ACHS President Tracey Abell and CFO Melissa McMahon and learn why financial planning is important when starting and operating your wellness business. In this webinar, you’ll explore the third course in the ACHS’s Wellness Business Operations Specialist micro-credential, Wellness Business Finance Essentials, designed to empower wellness entrepreneurs with essential financial management skills. You’ll learn more about how this course helps participants learn practical budgeting and cash flow management techniques, discover diverse revenue streams, and gain valuable insights into sustainable financial practices tailored to their wellness businesses.

In ACHS’s Wellness Business Finance Essentials course, you’ll learn foundational financial planning principles, how to understand and analyze financial statements, and strategies for securing funding through loans, investors, and grants.

Webinar learning outcomes:

  • Why financial planning is important when starting and operating your wellness business
    • Overview of the ACHS Wellness Business Operations Specialist™️ micro-credential, including:
    • The focus for each of the six courses
    • What you’ll learn and skills you’ll develop.
    • Who is a good candidate for this micro-credential?
    • What are the benefits of this micro-credential?
    • How do I get started with this micro-credential?


Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your financial acumen and drive your wellness venture towards success.