Non-Standard Graduates

Graduates of Non-Standard or Unaccredited High Schools or Homeschooled Students

Graduates of non-standard or unaccredited high schools, or students homeschooled through a program not recognized in the issuing state, may demonstrate their ability to perform college-level academic work and meet ACHS’s minimum admissions standards through the SAT or ACT exam.  

Students qualifying for admission under this pathway must satisfy one of the following requirements for admission that demonstrates the applicant’s preparation to perform college-level work:1

  • Receive a composite score of 23 on the ACT
  • Receive a combined score of 1060 in critical reading and math on the old SAT (prior to 2006) or a combined score of 1130 in reading/writing and math (after 2006)
  • Receive a minimum score of 470 on each of two College Board SAT subject tests (Math level I or IIC and another test of the student’s choice).


Last updated 4/11/20

[1] Students not meeting the prescribed minimum score requirements will require special permission from the ACHS Admissions Committee for admission based on review of the student’s complete application materials including the ACHS Intake Assessment. The Admissions Committee may also request a personal statement from the student.