Master Herb Gardening for the Home Herbalist

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Master Herb Gardening for the Home Herbalist

The Master Organic Gardening for the Home Herbalist course will equip you with the knowledge you need to grow your own herbs.

Learn it and get herb gardening! Start now and be ready to reap the rewards and stock up your herbal medicine cabinet with your own herbal preparations. Don’t let a lack of space stop you from growing herbs. There are so many cheap and creative ways around that.

Knowing how to grow your own herbs not only is cheaper than you think, it makes you an eco-warrior and a global sustainability hero.  You can grow herbs all year round with the right information, and you will learn to harvest and prepare your herbs into medicine.

This program is a self-paced, 4 module, 40 Hour Class. and gives you what we at ACHS consider the Basics, but we are learning we are not educators on the light side. We want you to know your stuff, so you walk away with spade in hand and seeds in pocket.  See you in class!

*This course is for general interest and does not award academic credit.b