Master the Basics of Herbal Preparations

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Master the Basics of Herbal Preparations

This Master the Basics of Herbal Preparations course covers the skills needed to prepare your own herbal medication.

This class will prepare you to develop a working knowledge and Master the Basics of Herbal Preparations. These preparations can be used with many herbs and is a great way to expand your herbal knowledge through practical training.

You’ll gain insight into the magic hiding inside herbs like Chamomile, Blackberry, Dandelion, Horehound, and more, many of which you may even have in your garden.

 American College of Healthcare Sciences has carefully selected these herbs so you become proficient at identifying these herb, assessing the quality, and knowing how to make herbal preparations. 

You’l also learn more about why quality matters when using herbs. Like anything in life; if you don’t start with a quality organic and sustainable product, you’re not going to end up with a product that yields the desired results. 

Have fun learning more about herbs, and discover how easy it is to incorporate herbs in your daily life and share with family and friends!  

*This course is for general interest and does not award academic credit.

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