Maximum Allowable Transfer Credit

At the Associate (Undergraduate) level – A maximum of 36 of the 60 credits required for an Associates degree may be awarded for transfer credit. [1]

At the Bachelors (Undergraduate) level – A maximum of 90 of 120 credits required for a bachelors degree may be awarded through transfer of credit. [1]

At the Masters (Graduate) level – A maximum of 18 of the 36 credits required for a Masters degree may be awarded through transfer credit. [1]

Once you have been accepted for admission, the Registrar’s Office will conduct a transcript evaluation and process eligible transfer of credit. Your admissions advisor, or academic advisor if you are already enrolled with ACHS, will then develop an academic plan with you taking into account your transfer of credit. If your eligible transfer of credit exceeds the maximum limits, ACHS may appeal the State to award additional credit. Our goal is always to help you maximize the education you’ve already completed and ensure you don’t take unnecessary classes.

[1] In compliance with the Oregon Office of Degree Authorization’s requirements ODA OAR 583-030-0035(5)(a)(B).

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