Michael Ford

michael ford scholarshipI started my aromatherapy education with ACHS over a decade ago, before it was accredited, and the experience blew me away. Returning after ACHS received accreditation has been an exciting road; a few years ago, I earned an AAS in CAM focusing in aromatherapy and herbal medicine. I retuned again working towards an MS in aromatherapy. Never would I have thought I would enjoy school this much. If ever a PhD program became available, I’m certain I would enroll again. What can I say, ACHS turned me into a lifetime student.

While it is difficult to identify one aspect that is most enjoyable about learning from ACHS, the camaraderie of students and faculty is a key factor. It’s lovely to see familiar faces in classes. Keeping in contact with classmates once a program is complete is a nice way to swap ideas and see how our education is applied. It’s pleasant to work with the friendly administration and professors when returning to ACHS.

The aromatherapy education I received prepared me to pass the ARC exam, allowing me to become a Registered Aromatherapist. This gave me the confidence to create a private label of aromatherapy products for retail and professional use.

Why did you choose ACHS for your accredited holistic health education?

Michael was interested in an authentic education in aromatherapy from an accredited source. He sought guidance from the professional organizations NAHA and AIA who both listed ACHS as a reliable educational source. Michael reached out to ACHS and found student services and the registrar to be friendly and helpful; and the curriculum and education platform suited his needs.

How will this scholarship help you achieve your goals?

Juggling the various responsibilities of working full time and earning and education sometimes calls for a little give and take. Sometimes the work schedule is skimmed to make extra time to study. Every bit of assistance is one step closer to finishing the degree on time while reducing the growing financial burden of tuition.

Do you have any tips for success for prospective students that are thinking about getting started?

A word of advice for anyone interested in becoming a student is don’t procrastinate; you need to manage your time well. Online learning requires discipline and is sometimes harder than learning in a traditional classroom setting. Making time to study every day is a necessity to reach your goals; and if you run into trouble reach out to your professor. They are here to help you. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy your learning experience. 

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