First Masters of Science in CAM Graduate

Portland, Oregon—October 4, 2010—Congratulations Roma-Dakini Alexander, M.S., (R) (T) (F) C.R.T., the first student to graduate from the American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS) Masters of Science in Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) degree program. Launched in 2008, the ACHS Masters in CAM was the first program of its kind to be accredited in the U.S.

“I always had a passion for herbal medicine,” says Alexander. “I come from Europe and my grandmother was a Shamanic medicine woman. I was very happy to find a college that offers an MS in CAM and is also accredited by [a body approved by] the U.S. Department of Education and Council for Higher Education Accreditation.”

Alexander is a licensed radiation therapist and is Radiation Therapy Program Director for the Kaiser Permanente School of Allied Health Sciences in Richmond, California. She plans to use her ACHS CAM education to organize seminars and meetings, such as the interaction of drugs with herbs and supplements, and to share her knowledge with other medical professionals.

The ACHS Masters of Science in CAM provides students with a comprehensive scholarly approach to CAM, enabling them to better understand and integrate CAM techniques with integrative healthcare. ACHS graduate courses cover such topics as herb-drug interactions and real-time research on the efficacy of CAM modalities, including herbal dietary supplements and aromatherapy.

“The ultimate beneficiary,” says ACHS President Dorene Petersen, “is the integrative and alternative healthcare consumer.”

“For me,” says Alexander, “the benefit of ACHS’s MS in CAM is to help living beings with wellness and optimum health by preventing diseases and promoting the healing process within. The U.S. has very advanced technology but we still have the most diseases. Most of them can be avoided. I am able now to create health protocols for individual persons and animals. My MS in CAM has transformed my life.”

About the American College
American College of Healthcare Sciences is one of the first accredited, fully online colleges offering degrees, diplomas, and career-training certificates in complementary alternative medicine. Founded in 1978, ACHS is committed to exceptional online education and is recognized as an industry leader in holistic health education worldwide. For more information about ACHS programs and community wellness events, visit, call (503) 244-0726, or stop by the College campus located at 5940 SW Hood Ave., Portland OR 97239