American College of Healthcare Sciences Recognizes Exceptional Students with 2023 Student Awards

Portland, OR – August 28, 2023 – The American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS) is thrilled to share the winners of its prestigious 2023 Student Awards, honoring exceptional academic achievement and outstanding contributions to the ACHS community. This year’s awardees, Dani Reyes and Angela Belcher, have demonstrated exceptional dedication and leadership within their respective fields of study.

Dani Reyes Receives Distinguished Peer Tutor Award

Dani Reyes, a remarkable student in the Bachelor of Science in
Integrative Health Sciences
program, has been awarded the coveted Distinguished Peer Tutor Award. Notably maintaining a perfect 4.0 GPA, Dani’s dedication to academic excellence shines brightly. This award is a testament to her unwavering commitment to assisting her peers as a tutor, as recognized by her fellow students who enthusiastically voted to confer this distinction. Through her contributions to the tutoring program, Dani has exemplified the qualities of a mentor and a guide, enriching the academic journey of her fellow students.

Angela Belcher Honored with Student Leadership Award

Angela Belcher, an inspiring graduate with an Associate in Applied Sciences
in Integrative Health Sciences
, has been honored with the esteemed Student Leadership Award. Angela’s impressive pursuit of academic excellence continues with her current enrollment in the Certificate in Wellness
program, maintaining a perfect 4.0 GPA. Angela’s nomination for this award is a reflection of her exceptional service and leadership demonstrated throughout the academic year. As the Student Veteran Peer Tutor, she has not only provided essential academic support to her colleagues but has also nurtured a sense of community and encouragement within the student body. Angela’s contributions extend beyond tutoring, as she has designed and delivered enlightening Canvas workshops and actively participates in the Facebook Coaching group, further fostering a culture of collaboration and growth.

Dr. Tiffany Rodriguez had this to say: “As the Chief Academic Officer of the American College of Healthcare Sciences, I am truly inspired by the accomplishments of Dani Reyes and Angela Belcher, the recipients of the 2023 Student Awards. Their dedication to academic excellence and their commitment to supporting their peers exemplify the values we hold dear at ACHS. Dani’s unwavering commitment to peer tutoring showcases the transformative power of mentorship, while Angela’s multifaceted leadership, from her role as a Student Veteran Peer Tutor to her engagement in workshops and online communities, embodies the spirit of collaboration and growth that we strive to foster in our educational environment. These exceptional students are a testament to the bright future of integrative health sciences, and I am proud to see them thrive as part of the ACHS community.”

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<em>2023 ACHS graduate Angela Belcher accepting her Student Leadership Award from ACHS Chief Academic Officer Dr Tiffany Rodriguez<em>
<em>Peer Tutor Award recipient Dani Reyes<em>

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