ACHS Launches Innovative Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Leadership Training Program

Portland, OR—September 1, 2023—The American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS) proudly announces the launch of a pioneering student learning outcomes assessment leadership training program to elevate faculty expertise and foster a culture of continuous improvement. Spearheaded by Dr. Tiffany Rodriguez, Chief Academic Officer of ACHS, this comprehensive year-long initiative equips faculty with the skills to champion assessment initiatives, cultivate effective policies, and ensure a collaborative approach to student success.


The Assessment Leadership Council (ALC) comprises of ten distinguished members from various academic programs and student-facing service departments. These accomplished individuals underwent specialized training sessions covering critical assessment topics such as assessment cycles, learning outcomes development, and scoring rubrics. Leveraging this knowledge, the ALC crafted policies and procedures to bolster ACHS’s assessment framework. 


As the culminating event of their immersive year-long journey, the ALC will proudly host an Assessment Showcase. This eagerly awaited event will shine a spotlight on the remarkable achievements of the Assessment Leadership Council — a cohesive interdisciplinary team of faculty and staff who have completed the year-long student learning outcomes assessment training. The Assessment Showcase, a campus-wide event, invites faculty and staff to engage in an enlightening experience. During this event, each ALC member will present their findings from the Spring and Summer 2023 outcomes assessment, providing a unique window into the progress made by ACHS students towards achieving learning outcomes.


ACHS extends heartfelt commendations to the following distinguished faculty and staff members who have demonstrated unwavering commitment and emerged as Assessment Champions:


  • Cameron Asmussen
  • Ashley Chou
  • Deryl Gulliford
  • Lori Holdren
  • Amanda Lattin
  • Janet Ludwig
  • Jacqui McGrath
  • Julie Moreschi
  • Glen Nagel
  • Lisa Warman


Dr. Tiffany Rodriguez, Chief Academic Officer of ACHS, shared her excitement about the program, stating: “At ACHS, we are committed to providing our faculty with the tools and knowledge they need to drive meaningful improvements in student learning outcomes. This innovative training program empowers our educators to lead in shaping assessment processes, enabling us to better support our students in achieving their academic and career goals.”


As ACHS continues to reshape the landscape of healthcare education, this initiative underscores the institution’s dedication to innovation, collaboration, and empowering students and educators alike. 


For media inquiries, please contact: 

Tiffany Rodriguez, Ph.D.


About ACHS:

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