ACHS Supports the American Botanical Council and Sustainable Herbs Program: Promoting Sustainability and Stewardship in the Herbal Products Industry

Portland, Oregon, March 21, 2024 – American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS), with a mission to lead the advancement of evidence-based, integrative health and wellness education through experiential online learning and sustainable practices, is proud to support the American Botanical Council (ABC) and their Sustainable Herbs Program. In December 2023, ACHS donated $2,500 in support of their programming as part of its annual charitable giving program. In 2024, ACHS Dean of Herbal Medicine Dr. Judith Thompson is also participating in the Sustainable Herbs Program Learning Lab facilitated by Director Ann Armbrecht and Julie Arts of the Presencing Institute.

Dr. Judith Thompson shares of the American Botanical Council Sustainable Herbs Program Learning Lab initiative,

The organizers have a lovely perspective of the interconnectedness of the branches of herbal medicine. Participants have voiced our shared views on the modern human connection to nature, how the herbal community has evolved, and how we meet the needs for where we are now as consumers, harvesters, businesses, and protectors of the plants and the planet. This is a soul-full gathering of like-minded people all looking at the common thread of sustainability.”  

The American Botanical Council Sustainable Herbs Program addresses critical questions concerning the ethical sourcing and sustainable production of medicinal plants. In support of this initiative, ACHS emphasizes the importance of sourcing practices that enhance the well-being and prosperity of both people and plants worldwide throughout its operations. ACHS believes that the quality of botanical products directly impacts the vitality of individuals and ecosystems. By supporting educational initiatives like the Sustainable Herbs Program, ACHS hopes to broaden awareness regarding the interconnectedness between human health and environmental sustainability.

A Certified B Corporation™, ACHS is committed to supporting sustainability education initiatives in the health and wellness field to reduce the environmental impact of farming botanicals and the production of essential oils. It is essential to forge a sustainable future for the production of these vital plants. 

As part of its B Corp commitment, ACHS upholds rigorous quality and sustainability standards for the botanicals used in its practical lab kits and retail products. ACHS and its Apothecary Shoppe College Store’s quality promise ensures that botanicals meet the highest standards of sustainability and ethical sourcing. ACHS also promotes transparency and accountability within the herbal products industry and seeks out opportunities to educate suppliers, such as through presentations to the International Federation of Essential Oil and Aroma Trades (IFEAT) by ACHS Founding President Dorene Petersen. Other educational resources, including blog articles and specialized courses such as the White Sage Micro-credential, highlight ACHS’s dedication to promoting sustainable practices and cultural awareness of the important plants that support our health.

Through expanded educational initiatives and collaborative partnerships, ACHS aims to continue to drive positive change within the herbal products industry. Learn more about American Botanical Council and other organizations working to preserve medicinal plants, such as United Plant Savers.


About ACHS:

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