ACHS Dean Honored with HEALCon Award

American College of Healthcare Sciences Dean Honored with HEALCon Award: Advancing Holistic Nutrition Education

San Diego, CA, May 1, 2024 – American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS) Dean of Integrative Health and Nutrition Dr. Janet Ludwig was recognized with the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP) prestigious HEALCon Award this past weekend at the NANP Annual Conference. 

The HEALCon award “was established in 2010 by NANP’s Board of Directors to honor and recognize exceptional individual achievements and contributions in the holistic nutrition industry.” Recipients of this award are changemakers in their field, contributing to the advancement of professional standards for holistic nutrition, advancements in research to inform new wellness protocols, 

Janet HEALcon
Pictured Dr Janet Ludwig with her award at 2024 HEALcon Conference

“I am honored to receive this award and I am grateful to be a part of NANP and the American College of Healthcare Sciences. Through these organizations, we are able to improve the health of people, society, and the environment. Indeed, holistic nutrition is more than a profession, it is a philosophy-a way of life that emphasizes the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. Food sustains life and it is also the basis of family, culture, religion, society, politics and, unfortunately,  it is often the basis for war,” shared Dr. Ludwig.

The NANP Annual Conference, HEALCon, featured presenters from across the holistic nutrition industry who presented on holistic nutrition for brain health and mental wellness, nutrition legislative affairs, the microbiome and immunology, and emerging fields such as ayurgenics, a subset of precision medicine that integrates Ayurvedic practices with genetic research. ACHS students and graduates attended for professional development and also participated in the poster sessions, presenting their graduate research on important topics informing the future of integrative nutrition and functional medicine.  

Pictured Dr Janet Ludwig ACHS President Tracey Abell at 2024 HEALcon Conference

“It was an honor to celebrate Dr. Ludwig as she received this momentous award. Dr. Ludwig makes significant contributions to the nutrition industry and is an advocate, cheerleader, and expert educator to each and every one of her students. Throughout her career, Dr. Ludwig has been instrumental in supporting students in sharing their research and becoming confident practitioners,” shares ACHS President Tracey Abell.




About ACHS:

The American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS), located in Portland, Oregon, is an accredited college specializing in online integrative health and wellness education. Founded in 1978, ACHS offers a range of certificate, diploma, and degree programs in complementary alternative medicine disciplines, including a Doctor of Science in Integrative Health with specializations in Functional Nutrition, Aromatherapy, and Herbal Medicine. ACHS is dedicated to providing exceptional online education based on evidence-based research, with an emphasis on sustainability and global stewardship. For questions about this press release or to schedule an interview, please contact Tracey Abell at


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