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Due to COVID19, we have suspended our spa programs. At ACHS, we strive to put our students and graduates first. Teaching programs that do not meet the needs of our student body is against our mission and vision.  Our goal is to see individuals thrive through wellness education. Industries that involve touch are struggling and ultimately would place a burden on our graduates. The business components from the spa programs are still available under the Business Department. 


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What education do you need to be a spa manager?

Most Spa Managers will hold a college degree and all Spa Managers must have previous spa experience (as a receptionist or technician).  Spa Managers will need proficiency in product knowledge, customer service, and staff supervision (all of which are covered in our courses). It can be beneficial to also have experience in a broader range of integrative health and wellness protocols so managers can answer client questions, be knowledgable about wellness services, and share information about spa products that support wellness.

What does a spa manager do?

Spa Managers are responsible for the success of daily spa operations.  Their objectives are achieved through hands-on leadership and team supervision.  They are typically the face of the front-line, as they interact with every participant in the spa experience (employees, patrons, vendors, and business stake-holders).  Spa Managers typically work under the supervision of a Spa Director or Spa Owner, or may be running their own spa or wellness center.

How do you become a spa manager?

Spa Managers typically have at least two years of practical experience in a supervisory role (in another spa or in a comparable hospitality environment).  Most Spa Managers are promoted from within the organization after demonstrating proficiency in another supervisory role. For example, a receptionist may eventually be promoted to a lead receptionist (with some supervisory responsibility).  They may then be considered for a supervisory role when the position becomes available. The next step in a Spa Manager’s career would be to become Spa Director.

How much does a spa director make?

Compensation varies by market and the size of spa operation.  According to a recent compensation survey (ISPA, 2016), the average range of compensation for a Spa Director is $61K - $84K annually, based on the type of spa and previous experience. Traditionally, resort/hotel spas pay the most, and day spas pay the least.

ACHS programs for spa managers:

ACHS offers a wide range of health and wellness programs that would be beneficial for the current or future spa owner. These include programs that focus on integrative health and wellness as well as programs such as the Master of Business Administration that provides training in sustainable business operations. Other programs include:

ACHS program are a great fit for:

  • Spa managers and spa owners who want to gain a more comprehensive understanding of spa management in a short time frame
  • Massage therapists, estheticians, and spa attendants looking to grow their career in the spa industry
  • Medical professionals who are seeking a career change

Want to learn more about ways to bring integrative health and wellness into your spa or expand your wellness services? We're here to answer any questions you have. Schedule an appointment with an admissions advisor here.



Deborah Leible

In anticipation of her 30th anniversary providing chiropractic care in New York, Hawaii, and Florida, Dr. Deborah Leible, made a thoughtfully conscious decision to move from healthcare to the spa setting.  

“In this way, I could continue to facilitate the goal of health, healing and wholeness working with others in an environment that allows for mind and body relaxation,” she explains.

Deborah tells us, “The program met my education goal expectations as I was able to gain a solid foundation in strategic planning for spas, identifying current and emerging trends, retail pricing and operation, visual merchandising, inventory management, business forecasting, implementation of aromatherapy, and increase productivity. Most important I am equipped to enhance the working environment of spa staff and provide stellar customer satisfaction.”

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How can I afford a holistic health education at ACHS?

Flexible options and strategies can help you achieve your goal.