Reporting Complaints

Reporting Sexual Discrimination, Harassment, or Violence

If this is an emergency or you wish to report a crime in progress, or an act or threat of violence, please call 911 immediately.

If you are unsure or require additional information concerning the reporting process, please contact the ACHS Title IX Coordinator at 503-244-0726 or at

Note to student complainants

After a complaint is submitted, ACHS will make reasonable efforts to protect the privacy and respect the wishes of student reporters, in accordance with applicable state and federal law, while balancing the need to gather information necessary to assess the report and to take steps to eliminate all prohibited conduct, prevent its recurrence, and remedy its effects.  Depending on the nature and severity of the conduct reported, ACHS may be required to share all known information, including names, with law enforcement.


How this information will be used

Upon receipt of a complaint about prohibited conduct, as outlined in its Sexual Misconduct Policy, ACHS will conduct an initial investigation/assessment and will provide a student complainant, if identified, with information about resources and options, offer interim measures, and take appropriate action to address any immediate threat and respond to the reported incident as promptly and equitably as possible.  Following the initial investigation, an appointed Board will consider all of the evidence and determine whether: 1) prohibited conduct occurred; 2) the reported incident could constitute a felony violation; 3) there is ongoing risk of harm from further prohibited conduct; 4) steps are necessary to prevent recurrence; 4) accommodations or safety measures need implemented to redress the conduct or ensure safety of college community; 5) discipline is necessary; and any changes to policies, procedures, or training should be implemented. 

To the extent possible, information provided in this report, including names, will be shared only with 1) a limited circle of college employees who “need to know” in order to assist in the investigation and resolution of the reported incident, or 2) local law enforcement or the prosecuting authority, as directed by the Board. These disclosures are protected by privacy laws that apply to a student’s education record and law enforcement investigative records.  Adult complainants will always retain their right to choose whether to participate in any college or law enforcement process.  Detailed information about the initial evaluation, the investigation process, and the various actions that the College may take following the receipt of a complaint is contained in ACHS’s Sexual Misconduct Policy.


Anonymous reports 

You may submit this complaint form anonymously by leaving the name and contact information fields blank.  Anonymous reports, however, may limit the college’s ability to respond effectively to the submitted information.  Further, while ACHS will not attempt to trace anonymous reports to an individual user, a court may compel the production of log-in and user data from which certain identifying information later could be obtained.


Confidential resources

In its Sexual Misconduct Policy, ACHS outlines specific confidential resources for students who are unsure about whether to report sexual misconduct or are seeking counseling or other emotional support in addition to (or without) making a report to the college. 

Complete and Submit the Complaint Form

Click here to download and complete the complaint form. Once completed, please return to the ACHS Title IX Coordinator via email to or via mail to 5005 S. Macadam Avenue, Portland, OR 97239. Please mark mailed forms as confidential.