Determining Credit Hours

ACHS complies with the U.S. Department of Education Federal Regulations, 34 CFR 602.24 Credit-Hour policies and OODA OAR 583-030-0035(5), to accurately assign and measure student effort by:

  • Using established policies and procedures for determining the credit hours (as defined in 34 CFR 600.2)
  • Assigning credit hours that conform to commonly accepted practices in higher education (as outlined in 34 CFR 668.8)
  • Regularly evaluating credit hours (sampling, etc.) to ensure compliance with paragraph (f)(1)(i)(B) of 34 CFR 602.24
  • Using an established process to appropriately address any deficiencies that are identified as part of its review and evaluation process under paragraph (f)(1)(i) and (ii) of 34 CFR 602.24

Under the Carnegie Unit and Student Hour system, one credit is equivalent to 45 hours of student work. Thus, a three (3)-credit course incorporates approximately 135 hours of student work. 

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