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Koffi Dessou, MBA, DBA


Assistant Professor

Koffi earned an MBA and the Doctor of Business Administration degrees from the University of Phoenix Online, while working full time and raising four children with his wife. His research area and dissertation centered opinions of government customer service representatives regarding training, skills, performance, and job satisfaction.  Koffi is presently the Deputy Director of the City of Portland Office of Equity and Human Rights. He has over 30 cumulative years of experience in public administration, business administration, human resources management, nonprofit administration, and community-based leadership. He leads equity strategic innovations and performance for the City of Portland, including budget equity assessment, workplace equity strategies, and equity in employee performance review and compensation. He previously served as Interim Director of the City of Portland’s Office of Equity and Human Rights. He has introduced the Racial Equity-Centered Results-Based Accountability (RBA) in the City of Portland and continues to lead the implementation of the framework. He created and managed the City’s Equity Training and Education Program in 2012. Before moving to America in 2008 with his wife and their four children, Koffi worked for the U.S. Department of State at the American Embassy in Togo for 16 years. He served consecutively as human resources specialist, manager of community development and democracy-human rights funding programs, specialist of political, economic, international trade affairs, and coordinator of International Military Education and Training programs. He led and coordinated the review of employee compensation plans for several years. He also leads community-based organizations in Oregon.

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