ACHS Staff

Mike Wilson, AA


Financial Aid Advisor

Mike Wilson joined ACHS in 2022 as a Financial Aid Advisor. He began working in Financial Aid in 2010 and has since worked with many schools in various roles including Financial Aid Advisor, Financial Aid Director, and Director of Financial Aid and Compliance. Mike has an Associate’s Degree from Portland Community College. Mike enjoys working in Financial Aid because it allows him to alleviate the stress of paying for school, while also helping students achieve their educational goals.

Mike is a native Oregonian who currently resides in Bend, Oregon. He enjoys life by going on adventures with his wife and kids and by trying everything at least once. Mike recently relocated back to Oregon after living in Providence, Rhode Island for a year, following a cross-country RV trip with his family. He enjoys woodworking, painting, and the occasional cross-stitch project in his spare time.