Student Awards

ACHS is thrilled to share the winners of its prestigious Student Awards, honoring exceptional academic achievement and outstanding contributions to the ACHS community.

The following annual awards are announced at the ACHS Virtual Commencement Ceremony:

Student Leadership Award 

This is a student-nominated award given to students who demonstrate exceptional service and leadership throughout the academic year. 


2023 Recipient: Angela Belcher, AAS in Integrative Health Sciences

Peer Tutor Award

This award is a testament to the recipient’s unwavering commitment to assisting their peers as a tutor. Through their contributions to the tutoring program, these award recipients have exemplified the qualities of a mentor and a guide, enriching the academic journey of their fellow students.


2023 Recipient: Dani Reyes, BS in Integrative Health Sciences


Annual Nominations

Our 2023 Nomination period ended April 2, 2023. Please look out for more information leading up to next year’s awards.