10 Ideas For Celebrating Your Online Graduation

10 Ideas For Celebrating Your Online Graduation

How do you celebrate your graduation when instead of walking across the stage, you are taking part in a virtual ceremony? Even if you are not able to have an in-person ceremony this year, there are still lots of ways for you to celebrate your hard work! 

1. Make sure to sign up for your virtual graduation ceremony

You don’t want to miss your virtual ceremony, so make sure you are signed up! You can register for the ACHS Virtual Commencement on June 18th, 2021 here. Mark it in your calendar, and make sure to join. This year we have some amazing faculty and alumni speakers so you won’t want to miss it.

2. Wear your regalia

Even if you won’t be walking across the stage, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still wear your cap and gown! Wearing your regalia during your online ceremony can be fun, and don’t forget to also take some graduation photos for you to remember the occasion.

3. Celebrate with family and friends

Consider holding a small celebration with family and friends. They are just as excited as you are for your accomplishments and will be thrilled to celebrate with you in person! Another option is to hold a virtual Zoom celebration party if a personal gathering is not an option due to COVID-19 safety guidelines.

Note: Your family and friends are also welcome to watch the ACHS Virtual Commencement ceremony!

4. Thank your instructors

You are now a graduate, but you didn’t get there alone. Your instructors helped and guided you along the way as you learned, and some may have made a lasting impression. Now is a perfect time to send them an email or thank-you card letting them know about the difference they made in your education. Don’t forget to thank your friends and family for supporting you as well!

You can even thank your instructors on social media! If you are an ACHS grad, use the hashtag #ACHSGrad2021 on social media when you post about graduation so we will be able to see and share it.

5. Share your knowledge

There’s no better way to celebrate graduation than sharing your knowledge! Host a virtual event for family and friends, start a blog, or host a webinar. If you studied nutrition, maybe you have some fun healthy summer recipes to share! If you studied aromatherapy, maybe you would like to show your friends how to make your new favorite blend. If you are an ACHS graduate, you can even share your writing on the ACHS blog. The possibilities are endless!

6. Engage in some self-care activities

The end of the semester before graduation can be stressful with final exams to study for and essays to write. Once it’s over, take some intentional time to rest and care for your mind and body. Soon you will likely be searching for a job with your new degree or certification, but taking a moment to rest first can put you in a more energized and better state of mind to do so.

Need ideas? Check out our article 4 Ways To Practice Self Care.

7. Stay in touch with your classmates

Your classmates can end up as valuable parts of your professional network long after graduation. Not to mention they probably share some of the same interests as you and you will be able to learn from each other. Note: ACHS students and graduates can connect through the Coaching For Success Facebook group. If you haven’t joined yet, contact your Student Services advisor for details!

8. Update your credentials on your resume and LinkedIn

Make it official! Let the professional world know about your accomplishments. Once you’ve taken a minute to rest after graduating, update your resume and LinkedIn and let your professional network know if you are looking for job opportunities.

9. Make a plan for the future

For a long time, your biggest goal was probably working towards graduation. Now that you have accomplished it, it’s time to set some new goals. Try making a vision board or writing a 5 year plan and put some thought into what you would like to work toward next.

10. Continue your education with a microcredential

If your classes are over and you just really miss learning and being a student, then consider gaining more knowledge through an online microcredential. They are a short term commitment with long term benefits. Right now, ACHS offers two microcredentials: Certified Aromatherapy Safety Professional and Certified Dietary Supplement Professional™ Exam Prep. Learn more and check them out here.

Congratulations to the Class of 2021! Let us know in the comments how you will be celebrating.

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