Anatomy & Physiology II Online - NAT 211

Anatomy & Physiology II Online
Integrative Health
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NAT 211


NAT 211 is the second of three Level Two anatomy & physiology programs at ACHS. The focus of the anatomy & physiology courses is holistic anatomy & physiology. Holistic health is based on restoring the normal structure and function of the human body for optimal wellness. In order to understand how to restore balance to the body systems, students must first understand the normal structure and function of those systems.

Learning Outcomes

Discuss and describe the body's structure and function in a healthy state.
Identify the components, using medical terminology, of the following body systems: senses, endocrine, cardiovascular, circulatory, lymphatic, immune, respiratory, and urinary.
Recall and describe holistic protocols for the optimal wellness of the systems studied, using the examples studied in the clinical correlates for each system.
Recall and describe complementary protocols for the clinical correlates studied in each section.


Required Course Pack:

  • NAT 211 Practical Lab Kit:
    • Press-N-Bew Tea Bags (Qty 40)
    • 1 ml Lavender Essential Oil Organic Sample (Lavandula angustifolia
    • 1 oz Cleavers Organic (Galium aparine)
    • 1 oz Lemon Balm Organic (Melisaa officinalis)
    • 1 oz Yarrow Leaf and Flower (Achillea millefolium)
  • ACHS eTextbook: Petersen, D. (2020). NAT 211: Anatomy & Physiology II (18th Edition). Portland, OR: American College of Healthcare Sciences. (Optional: Printed copy available for an additional fee)
  • Online Materials and Library Resources (OMLR)

Required Textbooks: 

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Total Course Price:

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Additional Prerequisites

NAT 210 or taken concurrently with NAT 210

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