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Community Health Planning Online
General Education
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HLTH 410


This course involves a systematic examination of the health status of the population: what are the common illnesses affecting the general population and how to minimize them through community action. This course examines the major communicable diseases and non-communicable diseases. It also examines food and nutrition, health care and the elderly, environmental health and occupational health and safety. It sums up with a community health planning model with strategies, program design, and target population.

Learning Outcomes

Discuss the nature of community and public health including current issues
Discuss the history, administration and organization of community health.
Evaluate and describe the funding of health care.
List and describe global community health care issues.
Understand and describe epidemiological methods and language.
Identify and discuss the leading causes of death including: chronic diseases, accidents, suicide, and infectious diseases.
Identify and discuss the underserved populations in community health.
Identify and describe the communicable diseases and their prevention.
Define and discuss occupational health, mental health, substance abuse and violence.
Discuss comprehensive school health programs.
Identify and describe environmental health issues, relating to air and water quality and food safety.


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