Human Capital - BUS 531

Human Capital
Business Administration
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BUS 531


Modern organizations face global complexity and a rapid rate of change. Those that thrive in this environment pay close attention to their most valuable asset: people. In this course, students will learn how to value and manage today's worker by examining current organizational theory and real-world case studies. Students will examine and apply recent trends and methods in leadership and human resource management, with an emphasis on the social aspect of sustainable practices.

Learning Outcomes

Apply key Organizational Behavior concepts linked to valuing human capital.
Generate strategies that provide opportunities for employee engagement in setting and implementing financial, environmental, sustainability, and employee health and wellness objectives.
Using a global mindset, apply leadership principles to align organizational values related to sustainability with practices that influence and improve employee satisfaction and performance.
Demonstrate an understanding of the linkages between employee perspectives about the work environment and customer satisfaction, and overall business success and achievement of sustainability goals.
Explain how Human Resource departments are or can become a key strategic partner in organizations to more effectively leverage human capital towards organizational objectives.


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