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Marketing & Communications
Business Administration
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BUS 522


Effective marketing is a customer-focused process that pervades an organization. Through qualitative and quantitative analysis, students learn how to segment markets and position a firm's offerings in order to create long-term customer and shareholder value. Using a reflective framework that integrates the organizational, societal, environmental, and global aspects of sustainability, this course explores marketing opportunities through product and service line design and development, pricing strategies, customer communications including digital media, and channel management.

Learning Outcomes

Demonstrate an understanding of marketing as a process involving all functions in an organization, and how it fits within the overall organization’s goals related to sustainability.
Respond to the fundamental challenges and opportunities related to sustainable marketing from environmental and broadly defined stakeholder perspectives.
Perform sound market research, analysis, and reporting to internal and external stakeholders in order to assess market segments, evaluate target markets, and determine how to differentiate and position sustainable products and services in a global marketplace.
Apply concepts of brand development and management, customer value and relationship-building, and ways to leverage opportunities through the marketing mix in the planning, implementation, and control phases of an effective marketing and communication process.
Develop and produce and an effective marketing plan for a product or service considered to be at the forefront regarding sustainability.


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