Nutrition Coaching & Communication Skills Online - NUT 415

Nutrition Coaching & Communication Skills Online
Course Number
NUT 415


This course teaches students how to talk with patients about nutrition clearly and effectively. This course offers detailed counseling and communications strategies, and discussions of relevant social, cultural, and psychological factors that give students a realistic, hands-on approach to developing their counseling skills.

Learning Outcomes

Understand and define why people do not change their nutritional lifestyle.
Examine the social meanings of food and food choices.
Understand and demonstrate the problem solving counseling method.
Recognize and display nutrition counseling strategies.
Interpret counseling across the lifespan and cross-cultural counseling.
Assess how emotional factors influence nutritional counseling.
Examine and be able to recognize eating disorders.
Understand ethics as it relates to nutritional counseling.
Justify programs, products, services and care using appropriate evidence or data.
Use professional literature to make ethical evidence-based decisions.
Demonstrate assertiveness, advocacy, and negotiation skills appropriate to counseling lifestyle changes
Apply leadership skills effectively to achieve desired outcomes
Demonstrate effective education and counseling techniques and skills to facilitate behavior change
Design, implement and evaluate a presentation considering life experiences, cultural diversity and educational background of the target audience


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  • Online Materials and Library Resources (OMLR)

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Last updated 7/14/19


Additional Prerequisites

None – Prior or concurrent nutrition training is recommended

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