BUS 390

Entrepreneurial Marketing for Integrative Health Professionals Online


BUS 390 explores the strategic application of entrepreneurial marketing principles tailored for the integrative health landscape. This course immerses participants in comprehensive strategies essential for success within the dynamic, holistic healthcare industry. Students create a marketing plan for a small business by integrating fundamental marketing concepts and specialized approaches. The curriculum blends theoretical frameworks with practical applications, fostering engaging discussions and assignments with real-world applications.

Learning Outcomes

  • Evaluate business and consumer needs to plan marketing strategies.

  • Develop comprehensive marketing strategies to promote a small business.

  • Apply innovative branding, positioning, and promotion approaches within the integrative health field.

  • Distinguish various digital marketing tools and platforms tailored for effective integrative health small businesses.

  • Develop a small business marketing plan demonstrating an entrepreneurial mindset fostering innovation and adaptability.

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Minimum of a high school diploma or equivalency and recommendation for admission by the ACHS Admissions Committee.

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