Introduction to Essential Oil Safety


Do you have questions about how to safely use essential oils? In this class with ACHS Alumni Leslie Moldenauer, you’ll learn the answers to questions like: What are the potential issues surrounding essential oil use for babies, young children, and pregnancy? What are essential oil contraindications? What are the signs of essential oil toxicity in the body?

Join us to gain a basic understanding of therapeutic properties and how this can affect safety for certain individuals, helping you to look at essential oils a whole new way.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe some of the basic safety considerations surrounding essential oil use.

  • Discuss potential issues of essential oil toxicity, and what to do in case of an accidental poisoning.

  • Know when to use a skin patch test.

  • Discuss proper dilution rates for children, elderly, and frail individuals.

  • Outline the three categories used to describe the potential risks of essential oils.

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