MTH 101

Quantitative Reasoning I


This course will explore concepts and applications of math skills related to common workplace problems and real-life situations. Students will be introduced to topics including Working with Numbers, Percents, Ratios, Proportions, Basic Algebra, Reasoning, Estimation, Equation and Problem Solving, Financial Mathematics, and Geometry.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze and solve mathematical problems involving numbers, basic algebra, percents, rates, ratios, financial mathematics, and geometry in order to demonstrate a working knowledge of their concepts.

  • Interpret and solve mathematical models and applications in order to develop critical analysis skills and deepen conceptual understanding.

  • Estimate and check answers to problems to determine accuracy and reasonableness.

  • Communicate mathematical ideas and information to convey quantitative reasoning.

  • Research, recognize, and reflect on connections between mathematics and real-life situations in order to understand its implications.

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Required Course Pack:

  • Online Materials and Library Resources (OMLR)
  • Access to Knewton open educational resources

Required Textbooks:

Please note: All required reading for this course is located in the online classroom.

Total Course Price: 

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Last updated 8/9/21

Current Instructors:

Dr. Lori Holdren

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Admissions Requirements:

Minimum of a high school diploma or equivalency and recommendation for admission by the ACHS Admissions Committee.

Total Course Price:

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