What's Hot in US Aromatherapy Trends


This Master Lecture Webinar with ACHS President Dorene Petersen provides a comprehensive overview of aromatherapy trends, sources, quality, adulteration, and more. She will also review the top 10 essential oils most popular among aromatherapists.

This presentation highlights of top-selling essential oils for retail and clinical sales (2012-2013) will be presented, including highlights of the biological activity of these oils. An increase in clinical research in the use of essential oils to support wellness helps to spur growth in the market. For example, Cinnamon Cinnamomum zeylanicum grew at a 19.8% rate in 2012, well out-pacing the retail aromatherapy category growth rate of 14.9%. This may be due to clinical research confirming that it can lower blood pressure and LDL cholesterol with no harmful side effects (Sharma et al, 2012).

This presentation also explores the influences of organic practices on sales.

Note, essential oils should always be used with care. Learn more about aromatherapy safety and using essential oils in our free ebook. Download Essentials of Essential Oil Safety.

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