Reporting Complaints

Distance Learning Complaint Process for Out of State Students

Our goal is to treat everyone the way we like to be treated: Well! We’re very proud of our high student satisfaction ratings (check out our current rates online here), and we like to think we’re doing a good job. However, we’re all human and mistakes can happen. Please never hesitate to call your academic advisor if you have questions or concerns. If necessary, he or she can connect you with the best person to discuss your issue, or present any special requests you may have to our Academic Standards Committee.

The Academic Standards Committee considers student petitions for exceptions to policies. Please keep in mind that as an accredited College, we are required to apply institutional rules consistently and fairly, and our records are audited annually. We’re not trying to be difficult when we ask for documentation to put before our Academic Standards Committee – we need it to help you and ensure our continued compliance.  

ACHS takes complaints very seriously. Students are encouraged to attempt to resolve any issues with the appropriate ACHS Office before lodging a formal complaint. All ACHS departments may be reached at 800-487-8839.

Complete and Submit the Complaint Form

To lodge a formal complaint, please complete the Official Student Complaint Form (click here to download), sign it, and scan and email it to the appropriate department or mail it to the College at 5005 S. Macadam Avenue, Portland, Oregon, 97239. Complaints will be acknowledged within 30 days and investigated. Investigation may take several months. The conclusion to the complaint will be mailed.

The College is committed to the highest standards of student service. If this procedure fails, students may contact the Office of Degree Authorization, 3225 25th Street SE, Salem, OR 97302, or call 503-378-5690. Students residing outside the State of Oregon may file a complaint with their state office. 

Contact information for state offices can be found online here.