Proctored Assessment Requirements

Policy – Proctored Examinations

To ensure academic integrity, ACHS requires students to take proctored midterm assessments at appropriate intervals throughout their program. This verifies that the student who takes the assessment is the same person who enrolled in the program and that the assessment results will reflect the student’s knowledge and competence per the stated learning outcomes. ACHS uses an online, fully automated proctoring service.

To ensure proctored assessments occur at appropriate intervals, ACHS has designated specific courses that have proctored assessments. There is no additional cost to students for proctoring for the first assessment attempt in each course.  


To determine whether a course that you are taking has a proctored assessment, check the “Start Here” module.


The proctored assessment for a course is noted under the due assignments within the Modules view.


If you have questions about scheduling proctored assessments or other proctor-related questions, please email our Student Services team at; they would be happy to help!

Information about proctored assessments is provided in each course syllabus and the midterm assessment landing page in the online classroom for all courses with proctored assessments.


Information regarding the length of the exam and other instructions such as whether the exam is open book is found in the course syllabus and on the proctored assessment landing page in the online classroom. Assessment structure varies for each course but may include multiple-choice questions, short answers, paragraph-length essay questions, and/or case studies.

When starting the assessment, students are guided through a few steps such as testing their browser before the exam begins. These steps are detailed in the course. Students are required to show government-issued photo identification, such as a driver’s license, state ID card, or passport. Students can take the assessment anytime; advanced scheduling is not required.

Technical Requirements

ACHS provides a list of standard technical requirements. Generally, this means accessing the online course system, Canvas, from a computer (not an iPad or a cell phone) that has a webcam. Also, ACHS requires using the Google Chrome web browser, which is free to download.

ACHS may change proctoring services from time to time. Currently, ACHS uses Proctorio, which provides its own list of recommended system requirements. In most cases, Proctorio’s modest requirements can accommodate devices as old as 10 years.

Using the Proctorio Browser Extension

This video will help walk students through the addition of the Proctorio Extension to the Chrome Web Browser, required for proctored midterm examinations. In addition to the video, see this PDF:

Assessment Day Procedures

Before the assessment, students should log onto their Canvas course and follow the posted instructions to access the assessment. Students should ensure their webcam and speakers are plugged in and turned on.

The proctoring system will confirm a student’s identity against a government-issued photo identification.

During the assessment, the proctoring system will record the assessment. Please note that no breaks are permitted during the assessments. The copy and paste function is locked while students take a proctored exam. All answers will need to be typed directly into the test’s text box to be submitted. Please plan accordingly. If you need any accommodations for your exam, please contact our Accommodations team at

Assessments that do not comply with these requirements will be considered void.