FSA Disbursement

Federal Student Aid for eligible students is disbursed to ACHS 30 days after the start date of a semester following verification of attendance (census) in the semester during the first 14 days of class.

Students must participate in an academically-related activity in their online classroom during the first two weeks of class or they may be subject to administrative withdrawal and/or cancellation of Federal Financial Aid.

Students will be notified via email when Federal Student Aid disbursements are applied to student accounts within 7 days of receipt to ACHS.

ACHS Check Payments

Please allow up to 14 days for your credit balance check to arrive. If the check has not arrived within 14 days of the date listed on the Financial Aid Calendar for Financial Aid Credit Balance Checks, please contact the ACHS Business Office at (800) 487-8839.

Student credit balances resulting from Federal Student Aid disbursements are disbursed to the student or returned to the lender if authorized by the student within 14 days of disbursement to the institution in compliance with 34 CFR 668.164(e)(1)&(2).

If the college can confirm the mailing address is accurate and that the check has not been deposited, we will issue a replacement check at that time. At the student’s request, shipment of the check may be expedited, by using overnight or two-day delivery services. Any additional expenses associated with expediting checks will be the student’s responsibility. 

If it is determined that the student did not notify the college of a change in address and the check was lost as a result, any expenses related to issuing a new check (including stop-payment fees) may be the responsibility of the student.

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