ACHS sponsors 30 AHA memberships

Portland, OR — On May 27, 2009, the American College of Healthcare Sciences pledged to sponsor 30 memberships to the American Herb Association (AHA) for the first 30 new students who enroll at ACHS in a degree or diploma program.

ACHS is committed to the American herb industry and supports the goals of the AHA, to promote the use, understanding, acceptance, and ecological use of herbs. In the winter edition of the American Herb Association Quarterly Newsletter, editor Kathy Keville told readers that the AHA is “feeling the [economic] crunch,” and needs 30 more members to cover operation costs for the Quarterly Newsletter.

So ACHS is stepping in. The first 30 new students who enroll at ACHS in a degree or diploma program will receive an AHA membership, including a one-year subscription to the Quarterly Newsletter packed with industry and research news, book reviews, an herbal calendar, and many other tips from a wide range of contributors like: David Hoffman, ACHS Governing Advisory Board Member Mindy Green, James Duke, Christopher Hobbs, and Jeanne Rose.

The American Herb Association “reviews over 60 medical journals, 40 international herb related newspapers/magazines, and 28 major magazines and newspapers to bring you the latest reliable and factual herb information. That amounts to more than 100 hours of research all bought to your door four times a year.”

Call ACHS Admissions at (800) 487-8839 to be one of the next 30 students who enroll and receive this valuable membership, or email for program information: [email protected].