ACHS President Contributes to Herb of the Year 2012

Portland, Oregon— April 20, 2012—Earth Day is every day! Learn more about the natural, green therapeutic benefits of the essential oil of Rose beyond smelling sweet. Rose! Herb of the Year 2012 published by International Herb Association (IHA) includes the informative chapter, “Essential Oil of Rose,” written by Dorene Petersen, Wellness Expert and President of the American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS).

“There is a growing interest in a green, all-natural lifestyle every day, not just on Earth Day.  People are seeking out ways to use all-natural, plant-based products in their daily life­–to clean, to treat, and to pamper. The essential oil of Rose certainly fits the bill,” says President Dorene Petersen.

Rose! Herb of the Year 2012™, with content provided by over 25 expert contributors, offers a detailed presentation of the Rose-Rosa, the natural and beloved flower. This book is full of history, lore, botany, cultivation, and medicinal information of the Rose. Chapters include green and natural recipes for the kitchen, bath, and apothecary.

“There are many uses for the essential oil of Rose beyond perfumes. People are surprised to learn how much organic material is needed to produce natural distilled Rose oil. It can take 10,000 lbs. of Rose flowers to produce one lb. of oil. One can quickly see why pure distilled Rose oil is precious and commonly adulterated,” adds Petersen.

Signed copies of Rose! Herb of the Year 2012™, organic essential oil of Rose, and other green living products are available through the ACHS’s Apothecary Shoppe College Store online here or on-campus at: 5940 SW Hood Ave. Portland, OR 97239.

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