Dorene and WOHESC panelists

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President and Founder Dorene Petersen with ACHS Alumni
Our alumni were invited to be panelists at the WOHESC Conference

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Live a life empowered by knowledge, inspired by a passion for wellness and physical health.

American College of Healthcare Sciences is a world-renowned accredited online college. Our mission is driven by the principles and vision of our president, Dorene Petersen, who founded the college in 1978 as a pioneer in holistic health education. 

We award degrees, diplomas, and certificates in Integrative Health, Aromatherapy, Holistic Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Spa Management.


Cindy and Husband

Our students are changing lives.

Cindy Lane Ross is the owner of four businesses, a full-time student, a bodybuilder, and has successfully kept her Rheumatoid Arthritis in remission for years through exercise and diet. Now, she is pursuing an MS in Holistic Nutrition so that she can help others! Her business Life Wellness Forever focuses on hormone balancing, fitness, nutrition, and functional medicine. Cindy knows how important good quality of life is and wants to help others achieve it just like she did. Read more about Cindy.

In 2020 the change starts with you. Here’s to your 2020 life empowered by knowledge, inspired by a passion for wellness and physical health. To find out how the ACHS family can empower your journey, click here.

Start today.

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You can afford a holistic health education.

We believe that quality education is the best investment in your future and strive to provide you with the best education for your money. Our flexible payment plans combined with financial aid and employer tuition assistance programs mean you can graduate debt-free!  


Earn a degree in wellness.

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Earn a certificate in Spa Management in as little as 15 weeks.

ACHS has developed this unique and practical program to prepare professionals to work in a spa leadership position.  Whether you are a massage therapist, receptionist, or supervisor, completion of these courses will provide you with foundational knowledge and advanced skills needed to grow your career in the spa industry.   


How can you enhance your wellness credentials?


What are students saying?

The Aromatherapy program offered me the opportunity to obtain a formal education in my favorite subject area while working full-time. I found the curriculum to be informative and appropriately challenging. The faculty was knowledgeable and approachable. I'm excited to reinvent my career using my degree milestone with ACHS as a significant first step!

Jay Nicholas headshot
Jay Nicholas

Master of Science in Aromatherapy

I’ve been writing professionally for three decades, but in recent years have shifted my focus. I’m asking fewer questions about various business topics and more questions of those taking part in the conversation, especially considering habits, change, stress, resilience and hope. I became a Certified Health and Wellness Coach through Wellcoaches in early 2019, and opened my coaching business, Gates Open Wellness, not long after. My concurrent studies with ACHS—a Certificate in Wellness Consulting—have helped me fill in gaps of knowledge in terms of stress management, sports nutrition, holistic pathophysiology, business practices and integrative health. Altogether, it’s been a great experience!

Fiona Soltes headshot
Fiona Soltes

Certificate in Wellness Consulting

Over the past three years during my studies at ACHS, I was able to bring my passion for holistic health to life. I have learned valuable information that will allow me to begin my goal of becoming a holistic lifestyle coach by teaching others to integrate nutrition, herbs, and mindfulness into their lifestyles.

Chelsea Anne Thomas headshot
Chelsea Anne Thomas

Diploma in Holistic Health Practice

As a social worker, I am incorporating wellness activities with my staff and the youth we serve. My goals include using aromatherapy as a coping strategy for people experiencing burnout.

Nina Lindsey headshot
Nina Lindsey

M.S. Aromatherapy, 2020

ACHS News & Events

Dr. Natalie DeWitt is ACHS' new dean of students

Portland, Ore.—February 10, 2020—American College of Healthcare Sciences’ (ACHS) president and founder, Dorene Petersen, is pleased to announce the appointment of Natalie DeWitt, Ph.D., as the college’s new Dean of Students.

As Dean of Students, DeWitt will act as an advocate for students and help ACHS’s online students succeed and achieve their academic goals. She will be responsible for data-driven strategic planning in student affairs and the management of all aspects of the student experience and student retention including first-year experience, academic advising, student retention, student conduct, and student and alumni engagement. Natalie’s role at ACHS contributes to the institution’s culture of assessment, quality improvement, and retention initiatives.

ACHS President Dorene Petersen shared, “Natalie is a seasoned educator with a passion for supporting student success through mentorship and engagement. Natalie’s education and experience in public health, organizational

Dr. Hill Taylor is ACHS' new chief academic officer

Portland, Ore.—February 7, 2020—American College of Healthcare Sciences’ (ACHS) president and...

Dr. Holdren is ACHS' new general education program chair

Portland, Ore.—January 9, 2020—American College of Healthcare Sciences’ (ACHS) president and founder...

Dr. Betschman is ACHS' new integrative health and wellness program chair

Portland, Ore.—January 6, 2020—American College of Healthcare Sciences’ (ACHS) president and founder...

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