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A Virtual Field Trip with ACHS President Dorene Petersen

At ACHS, you'll experience education that fuels your passion and connects you with a global wellness community. One highlight of studying with ACHS? You'll discover experiential learning in nearly every class with certified organic and sustainably sourced practical lab materials including aromatherapy and essential oils. Enjoy Dorene Petersen exploring the turmeric fields in India as part of the 2017 Silk, Spice, and Sandalwood: An Aromatic Journey Through India study abroad workshop.

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What are students saying?

My experience at ACHS was nothing short of excellent. From the admissions process to my last course, every person along the way ensured that I was on track and had everything I needed to excel. I feel prepared to embark on my professional journey as a nutrition consultant and will apply all that I learned to help my clients achieve sustainable, optimal health.

Photo of Loni McGackin
Loni McGackin

2017 Master of Science in Complementary Alternative Medicine

The curriculum at ACHS has enlightened me to the importance of nutrition. The studies tied together all of my previous scientific coursework, creating a better understanding of how the whole body functions. It was a valuable learning experience.

Photo of Roderike Pohl
Roderike Pohl

2017 Graduate Certificate in Holistic Nutrition

My journey at ACHS has been wonderfully eye-opening and I plan to continue my studies in holistic health! I love the detail in each course as well as the professor’s hands-on approach. I look forward to sharing my knowledge with my family and community!

Photo of Syndee Hermes
Sydnee Hermes

2017 Certificate in Natural Products Manufacturing

The Spa Management program offered a formal structure to support my spa consulting experience. ACHS provided me valuable industry-specific education that will strengthen my skill set, whether I continue to consult within the industry, or expand my couture aromatherapy business.

Photo of Cheryl Cromer
Cheryl Cromer

2017 Certificate in Holistic Spa Management

ACHS is an amazing college! It provides students with a well-rounded, professionally executed curriculum in the complementary alternative medicine arena!! I have grown exponentially! Be the change you want to see.

Photo of Fleur Abajian
Fleur L. Abajian

2017 Associate of Applied Science in Complementary Alternative Medicine

It was once said that, ‘Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world.’ ACHS has given me the skills and knowledge to not only assist others in achieving their health goals, but also change how others view alternative medicine.

Photo of Brandy Plummer
Brandy Plummer

2017 Associate of Applied Science in Complementary Alternative Medicine

I loved everything about ACHS: their personal approach to their students, great teachers, their flexible online aspect of the course, giving the necessary tools and confidence to learn the foundation in health, but also marketing and general business.

Photo of Susan Sonderegger
Susan Sonderegger

2017 Certificate in Wellness Consulting

ACHS has been an amazing school to attend! I have always found wonderful support through the educators and staff! I plan to use my education to help my clients, friends, and family live healthier lives.

Photo of Tabitha Scott
Tabitha Scott

2017 Associate of Applied Science in Complementary Alternative Medicine

The AAS in Health and Wellness program at ACHS absolutely changed my life. I run my own spiritual wellness business where I’ve taken everything I’ve learned while at ACHS to empower other women to live fulfilling lives. Although I completed my degree program, I have my sights set on a few more courses I can’t wait to take through ACHS.

Photo of Miriam Popp
Miriam Popp

2017 Associate of Applied Science in Health and Wellness

Thus far it has been an impressive experience! I am filled with gratitude for having the opportunity to study at ACHS. I have gained valuable knowledge and skills that I will use to continue my studies in the field of Complementary Alternative Medicine. It was an honor to receive the support of the amazingly helpful staff, knowledgeable instructors, and encouraging classmates at ACHS.

Photo of Atalia Millan
Atalia Manzano Millan

2017 Certificate in Aromatherapy

Studying at ACHS has taken my passion for health and wellness to an even higher level! I have loved the depth and quality of content as well as the community. As a writer, speaker, and coach I am already implementing what I have learned as a Holistic Nutrition Consultant into my work!

Photo of Brittany Burtz
Brittany Burtz

2017 Certificate in Holistic Nutrition Consulting

I couldn’t be happier with my education from ACHS. Now I am able to begin my own business and teach others about healthy living!

Photo of Amanda Christian
Amanda Christian

2017 Certificate in Holistic Nutrition Consulting

I highly recommend to those considering exploring alternative medicine to seriously consider an education with the American College of Healthcare Sciences. You won't be disappointed. Quite the opposite. The education I received is priceless and is of benefit to so many. I am using what I've learned to share with others. My experience with ACHS is one I have treasured and I am very proud to be a graduate of this organization. 

Marcia Briseno 2017
Marcia Briseno
2017 Associate of Applied Science in Complementary Alternative Medicine

All of my interactions with the ACHS administrative team have been extremely positive. My advisor (Joel Strimling) has always responded quickly to any issues/concerns, and when he was out of the office, his back-up (Melissa Trujillo) followed up with me immediately. I've interacted with other staff as well, and have always been impressed with how friendly, courteous, and efficient everyone is. Great support all around!

Julie Fischer 2017
Julie Fischer
2017 Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition Student

ACHS News & Events

American College of Healthcare Sciences AAS in CAM Graduate Inga Wieser Awarded 2018 DEAC Famous Alumni Recognition

FROM: Lauren Torchia, Press Coordinator

DATE: May 17, 2018  

American College of Healthcare Sciences AAS in CAM Graduate Inga Wieser Awarded 2018 DEAC Famous Alumni Recognition

Portland, Ore.— May 17, 2018 — Inga Wieser, American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS) graduate and complementary alternative medicine (CAM) practitioner from Leonardtown, MD, has received the DEAC’s 2018 Famous Alumni award.

The DEAC Famous Alumni award celebrates the achievements of distance education students who have demonstrated academic excellence and consistent commitment to society and their chosen profession(s). Wieser’s profile will be published in the 2018 DEAC Outstanding Graduate and Famous Alumni booklet circulated across DEAC-accredited institutions, and she will be invited as a featured speaker at ACHS’s 2018 graduation ceremony in Portland, Ore., on Oct. 12.

“It wasn’t until I was working and speaking in the field that I came to fully appreciate the level of education I received from

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U.S. Department of Education Recertifies ACHS Financial Aid Programs
ACHS received recertification with the U.S. Department of Education in December 2017, authorizing...