Student Highlight: Meet Our Fall 2021 Scholarship Winners!


The American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS) is committed to helping students achieve their academic goals. ACHS is glad to be able to support our students by awarding up to 10 one-time $1000 tuition scholarships each year. Meet our students who were awarded the ACHS Adult Scholarship for Fall 2021, and hear their tips for prospective students!

Choosing ACHS: Phoebe Volkmar chose ACHS to further her passions and curiosities in holistic health and wellness because of the great flexibility in scheduling and the leniency of going through the coursework on her own time in her own way. She also really appreciated the consistent and quick communication among staff which ultimately resulted in her becoming a more secure grad student.

This scholarship will help Phoebe achieve her goals immensely in an efficient manner! It will provide the financial assistance needed, but more importantly, it helps her realize that her dreams and goals are possible and are currently in action! This opportunity provides a greater sense of self-worth and empowerment to continue on in fulfilling dreams and goals for her future self.

“There is great freedom in responsibility… and little by little, a little becomes a lot! Investment of one’s whole self is the greatest thing one can do for themselves and those around them,” Phoebe says. “I am so grateful to be a part of the ACHS community and very appreciative of all the opportunities.”

Favorite thing about studying online with ACHS: Phoebe enjoys the flexibility in creating her own class schedule as it really personalizes her education career to meet her specific goals.

Tip for prospective students: Phoebe believes in order to have success in anything, it starts with a positive mind. Grad school is a choice and therefore students should have the desire to attend to their coursework. It is helpful to remain grounded by reflecting on your “why” and fixating the mind on the ultimate goal. Setting yourself up for success can look like being organized and following a schedule that aligns with the days assignments are typically due.

Choosing ACHS: Kathy chose ACHS for her secondary education journey because it offered a dynamic holistic education that was fully accredited.

Kathy will use this scholarship to complete her last term and earn her Bachelor’s Degree in Integrative Health Sciences.

Kathy began her journey with holistic health as a teenager. After a devastating cancer diagnosis at age 42, she knew she wanted to learn more about how complementary care could combine with her traditional treatment plan to optimize her disease outcome. What started as a journey to take just a few classes at an accredited institution to help herself became a passion for herbal medicine and a desire to help others in their own health journey.

Favorite thing about studying online with ACHS: Kathy’s favorite part about learning online with ACHS is the flexibility. As the mother of five children with a very busy life, ACHS affords her the opportunity to pursue her own goals in a way that is adaptable for the adult learner.

Tip for prospective students: Kathy ‘s biggest tip for those students interested in taking classes with ACHS is to simply go for it! There is no better time than the present, and learning online allows you to work around your schedule. She shares that the entire staff at ACHS are vested in your success!

Kathy shares that there is no better place to learn about the growing holistic health field than ACHS! With an accredited program, knowledgeable professors, and a wide array of certifications and degrees, there is something for everyone with a passion for wellness. everyone with a passion for wellness.

We know that funding your education is an important investment. Scholarships are free money that you don’t have to pay back and an excellent way to supplement other funding sources. If you have any questions about our scholarships, don’t hesitate to reach out to an admissions advisor and schedule a time to chat.



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